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DeFlorian Bedding Set in Natural Cotton

DeFlorian Bedding Set in Natural Cotton

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DeFlorian is a family with a textile tradition of more than 25 years. 
Their premium bedding and home lines combine traditional Romanian craftsmanship with the expectations of an urban society: more air-richness colors and softness. Their process is called: Air Soft Tehnology®. 
Sustainability plays a central role in their short production paths and the product ecology. They keep the fabrics as close as possible to their natural state, turning nature into a home ecosystem that nurtures living. 

A perfect naturally balanced dreaming ecosystem. Created with much care and love, step by step, by our family from 100% pure air-rich cotton. Soft, air-rich beddings, inspired by nature, with a twist of contemporary aesthetics, that let the skin breathe easily and insure a perfect 4-season thermal comfort. 

Blend & Care

100% pure air-rich cotton

Care instructions
DeFlorian kept each bedding as close as possible to its natural state. Try to do the same while taking care of it. For any new deFlorian bedding, no wash-before-wear is required as it's already been washed and steamed at the end of the production process. Wash each colour separately to avoid any dye transfer between different colours and shades. They use long-lasting eco-colorants, insuring the colour will keep its brightness and stay the same wash after wash, but only if washed separately, following the temperature and care indications. For white colours - use special white-cotton detergents, while for natural or coloured, use special colour-cotton detergents. For white, bleach only when needed, using oxygenated formula. Do not use chlorine, as it deteriorates natural fibers. For natural and colour - do not bleach. Although in white and natural our beddings may be washed at 90°C - as they are made of pure cotton - we recommend not to wash them at more than 50°C, in order to keep their nice appearance and initial sizes. For coloured, try not to wash them at more than 30°C - in order to keep unaltered the long-lasting colour shades. Use laundry softener for a tender soft touch. Dry them in the clothes-dryer at cotton temperature or out in the sun, as our colorants have a high sunlight resistance. Does not require ironing. If this step is necessary, we recommend steaming at the specific cotton temperature. Enjoy and love!


Bedding sets crafted in piece, processed and dyed in small batches.
Raw, natural color
Real live colors may very slightly, depending on each display' settings.
Eco-friendly GOTS certified colorants.
Do not require ironing.

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